Welcome to Coyote Trackz. This website is dedicated to the craft of homebrewing.

My name is Jeremy and I'm a distracted homebrewer. I've enjoyed craft beer, mead and wine since my early twenties. One of my neighbors let me try some of his homebrew and I knew I wanted to brew as well. I also have ADHD ... so my attention tends to jump around a bit.

Hope you enjoy the homebrew shenanigans! I'll try to keep things entertaining ... well it should be interesting at least.

Brewing and shenanigans whenevever possible


Homebrewing is very much an expression of craft and DIY culture. In keeping withthat I will be crafting and coding this site on my own. The plan is to develop a few tools on this site to help keep track my brewing shananigans. A few of the things I'm working on are:

  • a recipe tracker
  • a brew tracker
  • a blog
  • a scheduler (of some sort)
  • also open to suggestions

This site is my effort to improve my craft of brewing and backend web development. The edges might be rough at times, but in the end this site will be an authentic representation of my abilities as a craftsman.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave a message on the contact page.