Welcome to CoyoteTrackz. My name is Jeremy and this is my online home and workbench. I am software developer and system administrator specializing in Open Source systems.

As a software developer and sys admin I enjoy challenging myself with interesting projects and continuing to learn new things. Because of this I can leverage my experience, and passion for, solving problems to provide quality solutions to the technical problems that businesses face.

Solving problems and performing shenanigans whenever possible

About Me

I enjoy solving problems and helping people. This is the case whether I'm working on a technical project, tinkering or a brewing project.


I have a portfolio of some of the tech I've created. Feel free to use any of the listed code (unless otherwise specified). As I am able to I will add more to it.


I currently have a regular 9 to 5 but am open to working on interesting projects. Feel free to contact me about my availability.