My name is Jeremy and I work and live in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I've enjoyed craft beer, mead and wine since my early twenties. When one of my neighbors let me try some of his homebrew I knew I wanted to brew as well. I'm pretty ecclectic in what breww I enjoy; and I like trying new styles whenever possible. I also enjoy sharing my passion with others whenever possible.

I started brewing in early 2018 and have been hooked since the first batch. The first batch I brewed was an oatmeal stout. Before my friends and I finished the first batch I was already getting the ingredients to brew mead and also planning the second batch of beer.

On a more personal note I'm a fun loving guy that tends to enjoy shenanigans a bit more then I probably should. When I'm not working, brewing or working on this site I can be found disc golfing, working on my garden or having fun with friends.

DIY Mentality

One of the things that really draws me to homebrewing is the DIY culture surrounding it. Whether I'm working on improving my skills as a brewer, or trying to figure out how to build a piece of gear that will improve my setup, I find the process to be challenging but equally rewarding.

The DIY mentality permeates many of the pursuits that I enjoy. This site is also an example of my passion for DIY projects. I am doing all of the backend programming for this site using the skills that I've taught myself. The process of building the site will take some time; but as with brewing the process is as important as the final product.