Welcome to CoyoteTrackz. My name is Jeremy and this is my online home for things technical and open source. The name of the site comes from my afinity for being close to nature.

As a software developer and system administrator I enjoy working on challenging projects and learning new things. In my spare time I often tinker with new ideas and technologies so that I can be a better practitioner of my craft.

Because of my passion for challenging projects I can leverage my experience to provide quality solutions to the technical problems that businesses face in an increasingly fast-paced environment.

Solving problems and performing shenanigans whenever possible

About Me

I enjoy solving problems and helping people. This is the case whether I'm developing software, working on a system administration project, tinkering or homebrewing.


I have a portfolio of some of the projects I've created. Feel free to use any of the listed code (unless otherwise specified). As I am able to I will add more to it.


I offer a number of technical services and skillsets. I am a software developer and also a system administrator. In short I can develop and maintain the programs and systems needed to run your business.